Currently, my body of work is transitioning to a new material. As a child, I was taught how to crochet by my grandmother; I learned all the basic stitches, rules and patterns. Today, I create my own patterns and devise my own rules. I crochet with plastic from single-use bags as a means of using a discarded, harmful material to create thoughtprovoking sculptures that address environmental issues of consumption and pollution. I create a positive means of communicating about the conditions of our oceans and world.

I also create ceramic pieces with crochet trimmings that can be hung on the wall, from the ceiling, placed on a table, or the floor. The ceramic bodies are an ongoing coral-like theme. Although the pieces are nonrepresentational, I create hybrid bodies that look like they could exist in an oceanic environment. There is a tension created between the impervious nature of the ceramic bodies and the delicate crochet trimmings. The narrative reflects on human’s tenuous relationship with nature.

In the broadest sense, my inspiration comes from travel, stories, and the natural world, and particularly where the three intersect. I spend a lot of time looking at how things grow and how they live. Nature was (and is) both my teacher and a place of refuge. My early years imprinted on me the desire to preserve our environment, create worlds where my imagination can run free, and as a woman, take my place in art history with strong work and a strong voice.


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